We are inspired by a love for study and information exchange at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Research Foundation (ICIDR). ICIDR is a Non-Profit organization that was set up to promote research among young and emerging scholars. We think that to address society's major issues, intellectuals must collaborate. However, research that goes outside traditional academic bounds is more difficult to fund, conduct, evaluate, and publish, and those who undertake its struggle for recognition and promotion. That is why the ICIDR exists! We think that interdisciplinary research is important, thus we seek to bring together academics from many fields to collaborate and network, thereby facilitating interdisciplinary research!



Our objective is to provide an informal and welcoming atmosphere for researchers to meet, exchange, and present their findings. By bringing researchers from all disciplines of study and different regions of the world together, we want to establish a platform for new research networking and cooperation. We want to provide a forum where scholars may share their expertise and feel motivated as they learn from others.In addition, we allow participants to obtain new experiences by allowing them to chair conference sessions, which can help them advance in their careers. We issue official certificates to recognize their participation and chairing function. We invite participants at all phases of their careers, including postgraduate students, early career researchers, independent scholars, and academic staff members interested in furthering their research and prospering professionally. We really feel that our events give a unique rewarding professional and personal experience to those who participate by encouraging an interdisciplinary research culture, critical thinking, and allowing academics to network with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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