Role of Artificial Intelligence & Green Manufacturing towards 4 R


  • Dr.D.Thirumala Rao Indian Institute of Management and Commerce
  • Mary Vinaya Sheela St.Joseph’s Degree & P.G. College


The environmental protection is a priority of the day, today. In the last few decades, significant prominence is given towards reducing, reusing, recycling, remanufacturing. Societies have taken the social responsibility of protecting environment. Green manufacturing researchers have investigated solutions to reduce energy consumption, improving manufacturing efficiency and decrease environmental waste in process, machines and factories. One of the key abilities of Green manufacturing is to assess and predict the environmental influences of individual components or processes composing the manufacturing system.

Broadly speaking, green manufacturing is considered to be the 4th industrial revolution, refers to fully integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems mainly for real-time response to rapidly changing markets. By connecting manufacturing processes, machines, factories and people, smart manufacturing shows great potential in improving overall manufacturing performance and enhance the flexibility of the system.




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