Online education: a boon in disguise?


  • Suchismita Maity Kingston Educational Institute


This article aims to explore the concerns associated with the online education system. The nuisance created by the Covid-19 pandemic halting the normal functioning of every commercial sector is apparent. However, technological advancement and digital platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet have helped to commence the functioning of the appropriate sectors, mainly IT and education. The research presents the pragmatic shift observed in educational institutions in India, discussing the evolution of online education, innovative developments in the field. Along with this, the paper presents the challenges encountered by the faculties, teaching staff, and educational institutions in adopting and implementing online education practices. In addition, the issues and constraints faced by the students have been explored across India; however, a significant number of respondents belong to West Bengal. The study highlighted whether online education is helping the students and, if not, what are the reasons behind this. The article used both qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to evaluate primary and secondary data collected using online mode. The study concludes with the recommendations to mitigate the challenges associated with online education, which is the need in the pandemic situation.

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Suchismita Maity, Kingston Educational Institute

Kingston Educational Institute




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