About the Journal

ICIDR INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH  is an international journal that is "peer-reviewed," "referred," and "widely acknowledged." It is the committee that evaluates the quality of articles/journals submitted for publication by specialists in the subject of study. It is an open-access publication that publishes high-quality research articles in Science, Technology, Management, and the Humanities. Manuscripts that match the criteria of significance, academic brilliance, and outstanding ideologies are encouraged to be submitted to the Journal. Papers will be published roughly one week after they have been accepted. Every paper is assessed by two reviewers who are experts in the relevant field of study. Our mission is to deliver high-quality information and expertise to our users, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently, further their education, and contribute to the progress of their chosen sectors. Our viewers include researchers, students, professors, and, in certain cases, professionals. We assist our academicians in furthering research and health by delivering world-class information and new tools to assist them in making key decisions, increasing productivity, and improving outcomes. We create online information solutions to assist professionals in achieving better outcomes and outcomes.